Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Familiar Places

 Uh, oh....I've got a lap full of knitting. Something's wrong.

 You guessed it. I'm in the ER with Daddio. He took a tumble and hit his head so hard on his kitchen table that I saw stars. He got another ride in an ambulance. I got another long day. It took them nine hours to find him a bed so that they could keep him overnight for observation. Good times.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Something Green

The St. Patrick's Day warp is almost finished. I learned the trick of using a counting thread to separate the bunches for rough sleying and it worked like a charm.

 I also wound the end that is usually chained. It worked so much better. I never did get the hang of that chaining thing and always ended up with a tangled mess.

 After my apron tie disaster with my Valentine towels, I used lots of heavy string to secure the rod.

After all those successes, I did have one major disaster. When getting ready to sley the reed, I discovered a missed thread way back at the beginning and had to redo most of it-twice. I apparently can't count to four backwards or forwards which is the only thing I have to remember to thread a simple twill. It was a back breaking effort to make up for lost time. By mid week I should be ready to weave. Maybe.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Today I was supposed to be sharing more photos of my skating props in action at our latest competition but instead I got iced in at home. I'll drive in snow but way. I could skate in my front yard right now. It's that bad.

From a distance it's a sparkly fairyland.

Up close it's treacherous.

 The pine trees are so heavy with it, they look like they are hugging themselves. Poor things.

Many years ago we spent an unhappy week taking refuge in the basement without electricity or water while we watched tree limb after coated tree limb come crashing down. It's a sound you never forget.

Ever since then, the only ice outside an ice rink that I get along with is the stuff floating around in my gin and tonic. Last night, when I heard that sound again somewhere out in the darkness, I had myself a stiff one. Make that two.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

In Like a Lion

 March would feel more like a victory if it wasn't all icy and snowy again today. March is for green things and being outside-not winter weather advisories. Jeesh.

 My calendar cross stitch got this far in February. That heart was a killer. That's a lot of red. It looks pretty lumpy and uneven but that's exactly how the month went so it will stay that way.

My March apron is almost done. After a few late night sewing sessions, I only have a bit of slip stitching to do on the contrast bands. I'll pop The Quiet Man in the DVD player and have it done long before St. Patrick's Day.
Happy March!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swan Song

I'm retiring for the second time. This weekend will be the last time I make the long trek downtown to teach skating lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings on the outdoor rinks. That's the Capital in the middle of my photo. That's my not-so-postcard-pretty view from the parking lot.

 I've got a long drive so I get there early and sit in my car knitting while trying to stay warm.

There is no indoor warming area at this particular rink and we all know how miserable this winter has been. It takes all I've got to get out of the car.

 We put our skates on sitting on the floor in the ladies room so our feet don't freeze but they freeze anyway.

You can't put on enough layers. I'm covered in wool. I suppose the job is a knitter's dream but I've had enough. Sayonara outdoor rinks. I'm heading back to inside rinks-for good.

Friday, February 27, 2015

An End Almost in Sight

 My Galliano vest is nearing the finish line. I ended up just doing one side at a time. Wrestling with three balls was too much to deal with in my advanced case of cabin fever.

 I'm afraid that I'm getting mighty close to running out of yarn.

 It's a good thing I have so many locks left.

 It wasn't entirely terrible to have to comb and spin more.

Not at all.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stolen Moments

 My St. Patty's warp is getting wound. A few minutes here and a few minutes there add up.

 I went with the brightest greens. The winter green is in time out until next winter.

 My old way of winding off the cone was making me crazy. It would tangle and fall over.

 I found an old tea can worked better.

I also found a better location for the warping board that used to sit on my stove. It fell over on my head one too many times and now it's propped up against a bookcase. I'd love to hang in on a wall somewhere so it could stay put but as far as my toys are concerned, I'm out of room.