Saturday, October 25, 2014

Chunky Two

With size 13 needles and Lion Brand's Thick and Quick, I can make a hat a day and I did. I thought everything was going well until.....

 ...Daughter had an issue with the pom poms. I thought these were big enough but they weren't.

 My nifty little doo-hicky wasn't making the right size or shape pom poms so it's back to the drawing board. Whatever that means.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Pupday!

It's someone's first birthday today.

She grew up too fast.

I don't even remember her being so little.

 She's a big girl now. She loves to have her teeth brushed....

 ...but she hates to have her hair brushed. As a result she's pretty scruffy looking most of the time.

She's always in the mood to play. She wears The Mister and me out. I've perfected my knit-walking while chasing her around the house. It's that bad. No complaints though. She's a handful-but she's worth it.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Four Row Rule

 While my big projects are getting two rows a day (maybe), my little projects are getting four (maybe). My first mitt has been almost done for ages. The thumb is one the other side in case you are wondering.

 A man sock is just past the heel.

 My thrummed mittens are just past the thumb.

 I have discovered that my old broken down sewing room chair makes great thrums.

The texture of it gives them a great rolling which helps in the knitting department. Sometimes they can be boogers to get on the needle.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Whole Lot of Sewing Going On

 Daughter, the ice skating coach, is launching a team production that involves lots of costumes.

 I'm no seamstress but I offered to help make a few vests and some felt skate covers.

I'm not allowed to divulge any information as to the theme of her production until the February competition season begins but let's just say their are lots of multicolored boots to be made and sparkly purple swirly things. I might also mention that there will be umbrellas involved but don't say you heard any of it from me.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Public Shaming

 The only thing that ever gets me going on UFOs is setting a deadline and then telling everyone about it. I said I would have Daughter's wedding sampler done by October and I did, now let's see if I can complete a 12 month challenge by getting this calendar sampler done by next December.

My plan is to work on the border until January and then start trying to complete each month in time. First I have to dust off this tangle of thread. It's been hanging in the sewing room for at least five years gathering  who knows what. Ah choo.......

Monday, October 20, 2014

Stick a Fork in It

 Before all the stuff hit the fan last week, I finished my really ugly hooked rug experiment. Thank goodness. I like the hearts and stars but the middle thing-ummm, not so much.

 This was the last corner to go and it was all over in a flash thanks to.....

 ...this new doohicky.

 That's my new handy dandy frame and I LOVE IT.

 It makes things so much easier in just about every way.

 I've got plenty of wool strips leftover so I am all fired up to do another but I need to do some homework first or else I may end up with something just as awful as my first one.

 Middle Sister gifted me this bag for my birthday and the whole kit and kaboodle fits in perfectly. Have frame will travel.

As for Daddio, he is home from the hospital and doing much better although he still has a terrible cough. The cigarettes, much to his dismay are history and he's once again wearing the dreaded patch of shame.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Stuff

 To say that things have been a wee bit tense around here is putting it mildly. While playing around on You Tube in the middle of a sleepless night, I recently discovered a new to me tension tamer-and this one does not involve wooly animal products.

 Zentangle is the garter stitch of sketching. You just get in a groove and go. I bought a book of instruction from Amazon even though I am still mesmerized by the instructional videos. I never knew that watching people doodle was so soothing.